J.Bowen Photography Is a professional photographer, here in Idaho. I place an equal focus on quality and experience.

I began my photography journey when I was young. I Loved playing with my dads old film camera. He would teach me how to use it and we would spend lots of time together taking nature photos. 

He passed away when I was 13.  I realized we only had a few photos of him, and barely any photos of him and I. I framed the few photos we had, and will cherish them forever. Telling my kids all of the goofy stories of their grandpa. 

Families are meant to be cherished. 

Babies, kids, Grandparents. 

I don't want anyone to have the regret of not having more portraits of the ones they love. 

That's why I am passionate about providing my clients with the best experience and products. 


131 Hill cemetery Drive



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