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Fall Family photo Special!

Its finally here,

My fall photo special.

This year is a rustic couch set back in a beautiful field. It's going to be the evening of September 12th. There is limited availability, first come first serve, and only 4 spots!

That's right only 4 spots!

The price is $250 per session. BUT..... $100 of that goes towards a print credit!

So at the ordering appointment you already have $100 towards your canvas, or prints!

All prints come with the corresponding low resolution digital image that prints up to 8x10. Perfect for Christmas cards and social media show offs.

But wait.... How is this special?

This is what is called a styled or decorated shoot, similar to a mini session. But this is only happening once ( trust me the chance of me convincing my husband to help me carry a large couch a 100 yards out into a field won't happen again).

So come, sit on my couch. Get some gorgeous family portraits taken and have the best profile picture on Facebook, I'll take care of the rest.

For more information, or questions about booking your appointment please use the contact form on my website.


- Jacglen

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