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How J.Bowen Photography Process works!

Step one!

The inquiry, contacting me. What type of session, price etc.

2. I will gather a couple details then ask to have a quick chat on the phone. I do this for a few reasons. Better communication, saves both of our time messaging back and forth, we can both see if it's going to be a good fit or not.

3. If its a good fit on both ends we book the date, the session fee is paid, and a confirmation message is sent within 2 days. We schedule your pre- consultation phone call or face time.

4. PRE- CONSULT this only takes a few minutes. where we go over details of your session, any props, outfits for the whole family, location details, and any concerns you may have. I will ask about your kids (if its family pictures) any special details that help them smile. Any poses you just have to have, go over expectations from the sessions Also ask you to start thinking about where your wanting these images displayed and prints or canvas/metal.

5. The session! AAAAHHH the best part! I get to work my magic! We arrive chat I take a couple test shots to make sure my camera settings are correct. We start by making sure we capture your have to have poses then move on to some not so posed images and single images. If everything goes well we will be done in about 45 minutes. We will schedule your preview ordering session before we leave. I'll call/text you a couple days before the ordering session to confirm.

6. Ordering session!

A preview slide show of about 30 of the best images from your session. (My favorite, I get to see peoples actual emotions, Moms cry because they love the images so much). Showing you the images of your beautiful family twice then picking and ordering the ones you want for your wall, memory box or photo album. All social media digitals are delivered with the corresponding prints your purchase. Only want digitals? We have digital packages to for you too, Leave the session with them on a USB right then.

7. Delivery!

Your high quality art work comes in from my professional print lab, I preview it to make sure its perfect! If its not, I reorder it at no expense to you! -defiantly a perk of having your art work ordered for you.

Why don't I just deliver digitals?

I want to make sure my clients have the perfect experience. Only a few of my clients that I delivered digitals to actually printed them. Not that they weren't pleased with their images, its just they forgot. The clients that did print them, printed them wrong. They sent the images in off their phone and received blurry low quality prints on gloss paper, and weren't happy with the results. So I lowered my session fee to just cover my time an business costs, and started doing ordering sessions. My average client doesn't actually spend more than they would before with my higher session fee and then ordering prints. Overall I am happy being able to provide more of an actual service, not just shoot and burn. I feel like this will help me stay around long term and be able to keep my business going for years to come.

Did you know...

Did you know that print used to be the only way clients were able to receive their images? And guess what, they still have them. Think of your grandmas photoalbums of black and whites.

Did you know that more and more computers are being made without ports and CD drives? How will you view your stored images down the road if they aren't printed? remember floppy drives? I asked my 17 year old cousin about them and she didn't even know they were a thing (Make me feel old, why don't ya).

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