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Orofino Idaho| Family photographer| Life update

Hey guys!

I did something crazy. I started Esthetician school!

I actually worked in a dermatology clinic as a Certified medical assistant. I was the direct support for a Nurse practitioner who specialized in dermatology. I was able to assist and learn a lot, it was really eye opening all of the skin related issues I had no idea about. While assisting I did patient body mapping, preparing and assisting during extractions, biopsies, skin cancer treatments, reported results to patients, put in diagnosis, entered prescriptions for the NP to send off, filled out the symptoms and history of the issue and so much more! I loved my job! After having my second child I just couldn't keep driving to Clarkston every day and with added cost of day care it was easier to work part time and turn my hobby of photography into a business. I had no Idea that it would go so well. I was able to quit my part time job and spend more time at home.

Now that my kids are getting bigger, I decided I don't want to work from home anymore. I was always interested in Esthetician school but there was nowhere close enough for me to go to school. Then BAM the beauty school in Lewiston started their program up. I signed up and here we are.

I keep getting asked "are you still going to do photography?"

Yes, Yes, I am. I have put so much of my self in to this business I don't think I will ever stop. I have made some changes however.

  1. I can't go to school full time, work full time, have time for my kids, my house, and something that resembles a life. So I am not going to be a full service photographer anymore. That means I am going to be including digital images in the session fee, and deliver your gallery online instead of meeting with you.

  2. You can still order albums, prints, and wall art. Just let me know and I can go over it all with you.

  3. I am still doing Santa pictures, I have a feeling some parents would track me down with a pitchfork if I ever stopped,

  4. My availability is less ( I know it sucks). PLEASE get on the schedule a head of time. I hate saying I'm all booked when a regular wants in.

Anyway I am sure there are some questions I am missing. Please ask way I will get back to you as soon as I can.

ALSO: Check out my updated prices and packages. Fall is always booking out, message me to save your date!

Thank you,

I love my business and am crazy enough to add another! I hope to have some of you guys come see me for facials when I graduate!



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