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Orofino Idaho, wedding photography details. Wedding photography

I only take on a few weddings a year.

How do you know how to find the right wedding photographer?

Are you okay with hiring someone who you haven't talked with on the phone or met?

Wedding Photography is the biggest part of the day, its how your remembering the event. for your kids; and your grandkids to look back to see grandma and grandpa.

Full day of celebrating love usually means a 12+ work day for a photographer. In the hot summer, rainy fall, cold in the winter, and wind in the spring. Then the back side of photography that no one ever see's. 10 + min per photo to edit it to perfection for you to keep forever. A full wedding gallery is usually 600 images (around 100hrs of editing). Elopements are usually 120 images.

I am definitely NOT complaining, I love what I do (when I do weddings).

But this is WHY I like to make sure not only am I a good fit for the bride and groom, but they are a good fit for me.

I want to make sure after I spend all that time on your photographs, you will LOVE them!

I want to know you like my editing style and don't expect me to do impossible things.

I want to know your confident in hiring ME. I want YOUR day to be perfect, and will do anything I can to help.

From engagement to Weddings your experience is what matters.

Lexi Schwartz & Matt West to be married 2020.

Orofino Idaho wedding photography

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